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Peanuts were first cultivated in the area around Southeastern Bolivia, Westernmost Paraguay, and Northwestern Argentina over 5,000 years ago.
Cultivation spread, and eventually covered the entire area which is today known as Latin America. The Spaniards in the 16th century found peanuts in Aztec marketplaces, and soon sent seeds back to Europe.  It was European traders who then spread peanuts everywhere, and in the course of past 5 centuries, peanuts have become mainstays of the diet in Africa, India, China, and much of the rest of the world.

Peanuts include an amazing diversity of cultivars.  They come in large size, small size,  round shape, elongated shape, with red skin,  pink skin, and even with purple-striped skin.  Some varieties  are sweeter, others are more crunchy, and each has its unique characteristic flavor profile.  In my travels throughout world to the various peanut-growing areas over the past 30 years, I have had great fun and pleasure trying the local varieties which are not available to the international market, but which offer a unique and delicious eating experience.

Yet for all the fun in tasting the diversity of peanuts, the industry that uses peanuts as an ingredient has struggled to maintain consistency.   Consumer expectations everywhere are centered around the pillars of absolute food safety and a consistent eating experience.  A food manufacturer cannot be successful unless it builds its business model on a foundation of those pillars.

It was to address these expectations that Nutrin was formed over 20 years ago. It was Nutrin that originated the idea of producing finished, ready-to-eat industrial peanut ingredients in the heart of the most efficient peanut-producing regions of the world.  Starting from from consistent seed, planted by our own agronomists, we shelled the crop in purpose-built facilities, and roasted and processed the peanuts in factories built with our own technology and designed to meet the strictest food-safety standards.  Their safety and consistency have, over the course of the past twenty years,  made Nutrin peanut ingredients a key part of the success that has blessed a number of major food brands on several continents.

Among major agricultural crops, peanuts play a most complex role. Every  ingredient in a formula has a purpose.  Sugar sweetens.   Salt saltens.  Wheat flour provides bulk.   Flavors provide flavor.   Soy or pea protein provides nutrition. But peanuts? They provide flavor, of course.  But they also provide texture. They also provide a visual appeal in and on foods.  And they provide nutrition. The peanut is the only major agricultural commodity which is expected to contribute to each and every attribute which describes a finished food product. Nutrins job is to offer its industrial clients peanuts which offer the same eating experience with each and every delivery, within a framework of absolute food safety, delivered on time and within specification,  virtually anywhere on the planet.

It was with this ambition that we opened
our doors over 20 years ago

And it was with this vision that we have participated in building four major factories, equipping them with the most modern technological tools,  and worked to develop teams of highly capable and dedicated professionals who work single-mindedly to offer the purest peanuts in the world,  roasted and processed to perfection, securely packed,  transported and stored near our customers location on 4 continents, compliant with all laws, regulations and even religious codes of the country where they are delivered.

To this end, Nutrin participates in farming operations in 5 distinct peanut-growing areas, and we process the production made therefrom on 3 continents, in order to reduce (to the extent possible) our customers exposure to systemic risks such as crop failure risk, political risk, currency risk, and acts of God.

And yet, we remain a small company, where our customers can speak with any level of management, including the owners, and get personalized attention to resolve any issues related to their specific needs.  We have no ambition to change that, because in the final analysis everything revolves around human interaction, and people working together to solve challenges.  

We share our customers objective to delight consumers who eat the finished products which contain our peanut ingredients, and, with that in mind, we are open to working with any client on solving any new challenge brought before us.

Thanks again for visiting our website. I hope you find it useful and informative. We look forward to your getting in touch.

Adam Benado

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