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At Nutrin we have spent 25 years doing Research and Development projects, internally as well as with our customers. Our emphasis on R&D has been, since the very beginning, to identify new technologies by which we can offer the purest peanuts in the world, with the varietal and processing characteristics that permit us do better things with peanuts, transforming Nutrin peanuts into better and more useful and versatile ingredients for our customers.

Research and Development

Each year, the Nutrin Group collectively invests nearly 10% of its profits into Research and Developemnt projects. These projects start in a laboratory, then are taken to pilot scale at a central R&D operation in Panama, where the technologies are perfected, and finally, when approved, major investments are made to obtain the machinery and scale up the developments to industrial scale at one or more of the manufacturing plant locations.  

In this manner, the various facilities that supply our company are continuously upgraded with new ideas, new technologies, new machinery and better capability.

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