Peanut Paste

Peanut paste is the term usually used for roasted and ground peanuts in liquid form. At room temperature or higher, the paste is a thick viscous liquid, which flows somewhat like honey. Over time, peanut paste separates into an oily layer and a thicker bottom solid layer. The oil can readily be reincorporated into the solid mass by vigorious mixing. 

Peanut Butter usually refers to peanut paste which has had stabilizers and other ingredients added, so that, at room temperature, it is a visco-plastic mass (it does not flow, but is spreadable).  Peanut Butter does not separate into an oily layer over time.  Peanut butter frequently also contains sweeteners, salt, and sometimes flavorings, such as cocoa powder or spicy chipotle flavor.

Typically peanut pastes are characterized by their intensity of their roast, the fineness of their grind.  These are the factors that give the product its characteristic mouth-feel and flavor.

Nutrin's technical installations are capable of supplying virtually any type of paste or butter, in small batches from one metric ton, through full truckoad quantities.

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