Our team

Our North American team based in Washington DC is comprised of professionals who can help potential customers choose the right ingredients, can get them samples, process their orders, engage in billing / collection activities, test their products, and ensure that the transport of their orders to their door is as trouble-free as possible.

Alexander Slowatek


Alex has been with the company for 17 years.  He oversees supply chain, ensuring that the right ingredients are in stock at the right time.  He also takes care of North American pricing, agreeing to contract committments, interaction with factories,  major customers, and distribution warehouses.

Adrienne Perna


Adrienne has been with our company for almost 6 years. Her primary job is  to make sure that customers orders are processed smoothly and to their complete satisfaction. This includes confirming orders, arranging warehouse releases, and ensuring that every party to the delivery has full documentation on hand.

Thomas Holder


Thomas joined our company recently from a major food importer. His job is to assist Adrienne in ensuring a positive customer experience, especially with regard to movement of product from port to warehouse and from warehouse to final end user.

Natalia Dottori

Sales and Marketing

Natalia has been involved with our company for over 14 years.  Originally trained as an agronomist, she has experience in almost every step of the peanut production chain, from farming to final distribution.  She generally supports US and European sales and marketing, takes care of many key accounts.

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