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Cooperatives: The key to prosperity for the medium farmer and to sustainably reducing poverty of the small farmer

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In an increasingly globalized world, corporate agriculture has used its economies of scale in order to access  finance, technology, and markets to claim an increasingly large space at the expense of small and medium farmers.  Agricultural Cooperatives have changed that equation dramatically by combining the efforts of small and medium farmers to achieve a combined scale they would be unable to attain on their own.  By working through cooperatives, small and medium farmers can obtain access to the latest technology, the most productive seeds, and he financial resrources needed to plant, care for, and harvest their crops.

Nutrin supports cooperative farming in several countries by providing agricultural cooperatives with expertise, financial resources, and a stable and profitable market for their peanuts. This support in turn helps farmers get through the growing cycle and provides income stability to those farmers who would not, on their own, be able to make it through the growing season.

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