Argentina is the second-largest producer of peanuts in the American Continent. It is often the largest global peanut exporter.

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Argentina is a sparsely-populated country, with 45 million inhabitants in a country of almost 2.8 million square kilometers. The country has vast expanses of rich, flat farmland, spanning every climate profile, from the sub-tropical North through the glacier-covered South.   Argentinas farmers are highly efficient, fast to adopt new methods,  and constantly innovating. The exceptionally high quality of Argentine peanuts is recognized worldwide.

Argentina produces 1.4 million tons of in-shell peanuts, mostly grown in Cordoba province, and every year the country exports nealy 600,000 tons of peanut kernels. Over 80% of Argentine peanuts are exported, primarily to the European Union

Argentina was the first country in which peanut products bearing the Nutrin brand were produced, beginning in 1999.

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