A small country with a perfect climate for growing peanuts.

Peanut Field

Nicaragua has a perfect climate for growing peanuts.  Combined with its rich, sandy, volcanic soil,  this small country provides the world with an increasing quantity of high quality crop.   Although peanuts are not a traditional crop for the Nicaraguan farmer, in recent years there has been a lot of growth in peanut farming, in spite of the high cost of entry into the field.

Peanuts are the most expensive leguminous crop to produce, when measured in terms of dollars per ton of edible product. This means that the farmer needs a substantial amount of capital to enter the business of farming peanuts, in addition to the working capital needed to sustain the activity.

Nutrin works closely with Nicaraguan cooperatives, supplying technical expertise, funding, a stable market with an advantageous price, in order to encourage farmers to grow the products we need.

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