Where Peanuts Began...

Peanut Farm

Located between Argentina and Brazil, Paraguay has the geography and climactic conditions to become a capable growing area for peanuts. In fact, arachis hypogaea (the biological name for the peanut) first evolved in the North-western area of Paraguay, in the border area with Bolivia.   For a variety of economic and social reasons, peanuts never became a major crop in this land-locked country of 7.5 million inhabitants.   Production rarely exceeds 15,000 tons.  

Production of peanuts in Paraguay is centered in the Chaco / Boqueron area, though other areas have also been opened up in the past decade.  Through our local affiliate Hypergrain, S.A., Nutrin sources a small but growing quantity of its peanuts in Paraguay, from an extremely diverse group of farmers in Paraguay, including traditional Mennonites,  modern Mennonites, Brazilian immigrants, and indigenous farmers and cooperatives.

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