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Peanut Being Processed in Factory

Although Brazil as a long tradition of peanut farming, until relatively recent times production was intended primarily for local consumption, and very little was exported. Amendobras was founded in 2008 and was the first processing facility in Brazil with the capability of removing skin from raw peanuts (blanching), with the objective of minimizing aflatoxin and offering peanuts of a high international standard to the European Union.  In 2013, the company added a  roasting oven and a  chopping line,   and in 2015 it added a peanut butter line.  Finally, in 2016 a peanut flour line was added, and in 2019 a peanut extract / essence line was put in place, making Amendobras the most versatile peanut processing facility in the world.

Amendobras has been designed to be capable of servicing small and large orders alike, and to give unprecedented degrees of purity, food safety, and consistency. This makes it an ideal partner for small, specialty projects, to develop new innovations, and to sustain customers who require specialty items but do not require large volumes.

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