Argenpeanuts SA is a fully vertically integrated peanut farming, shelling, blanching, and roasting operation

As demand for Nutrin peanut ingredients grew globally, the capacity of the facilities at Nutrin SA in Ticino to make these became ever more constrained, and so a new facility,  was acquired by the Lorenzati family in  General Cabrera, Cordoba Province.  This facilty was reconfigured from the ground up to be able to shell, blanch, and process roasted peanuts, to the highest international standards.

Argenpeanuts roasting plant produces peanut paste, peanut butter, dry-roasted peanut splits, oil-roasted peanuts, and granuated peanuts, capable of meeting virtually any specification.  

The company is managed by Juan Manuel Lorenzati, while quality at both Nutrin SA and Argenpeanuts is overseen by his sister, Luciana.

Juan Manuel Lorenzati

Luciana Lorenzati

1627 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 3
Washington DC 20009

+1 202 588 7367

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