USA and european Copackers

In addition to the core affiliates in Latin American growing areas, Nutrin works closely with affiliated processors in the USA and in the European Union

Peanut Factory

Nutrin counts on several international affiliates that are independently owned and operated, and that operate with their own standards of quality and food safety which are not identical, but not incompatible, with our own.   These copacking relationships bring additional certainty to our customers  who may be concerned about either tariffs,  quotas, or  port interruptions interfering with supplies.

United States

In the United States, our company has forged a strategic relationship with Once Again Nut Butter, a cooperative based in upstate New York. Once Again Nut Butter recently built a brand new peanut butter facility and equipped it with some of the most modern roasting and packaging equipment available anywhere. Once Again is one of the most traditional names in the US Peanut Butter business- a name synonimous with quality, consistency and reliability.

European Union

In the European Union, Nutrin works in conjunction with various experienced peanut processing companies in Holland, Italy and Spain, to produce ingredients for industry as well as finished, packed peanut products for retail. These co-packers have been selected for their years of experience in producing safe, quality food, and for their strategic locations in Europe, capable of covering the entire European Union.

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