Positioning Paraguay in the Peanut World

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Nutrin's involvement with Paraguay began in 2011, when we went to that country with the objective of motivating the planting of improved varieties by professional farmers capable of producing substantial volumes of peanuts.  

These efforts eventually ended up in the founding of the Hypergrain Company. Hypergrain has worked hard to encourage new farmers to enter the field of peanuts,  as well as motivating existing farmers to improve their practices and seed in order to raise the quality of Paraguayan peanuts to an international standard.  

Hypergrain works with a very diverse group of farmers- everything from poor indigenous farmers who plant a hectare or two, to Cooperatives of small landholders, and all the way up to groups of Menonite farmers who farm 10,000 hectares.

Hypergrain sources peanuts in the North of the country, as well as in central provinces. It has a shelling and processing plant located in the town of Barrero, with the capability to receive farmer stock from all over the country. Hypergrain is the first peanut company to blanch peanuts for export, and manufactures various specialty roasted peanut products as well.


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